What is the Rationalist Association?

A 125-year-old charity dedicated to reason, science and secularism.

What we do

  • We produce the very best writing on current affairs, faith and belief, politics, philosophy, science and the arts from a sceptical perspective.
  • We advocate reason and the scientific method.
  • We promote evidence-based debate and human-centred ethics through publishing and broadcasting.
  • We publish a print magazine (New Humanist), a daily website, and regular podcasts.
  • We organise events, showcasing the best secular argument and debate.
  • We campaign on behalf of rationalists and atheists worldwide.
  • We raise funds for secular schools in Uganda.
  • We represent rationalist and humanist values in the media and at events.
Iain Banks

« Given the company it's an honour to be a member of the Rationalist Association. New Humanist is my favourite magazine, too. »

Iain Banks, novelist

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The Rationalist Association is independent, irreverent & non-profit. We are supported by our members.